RIP Hull Valley Wildlife Group

As of 28/6/15 the Hull Valley wildlife Group is no more. The demise was probably inevitable from the date that Tophill Low Wildlife Group was asked by Yorkshire Water, the owners of the reserve, to stop using the reserve name followed later by Richard Hampshire taking on the issuing of permits for the reserve. As the main reason for joining the group was to obtain a permits to the the reserve this obviously had a a serious effect on the group. Another selling point later was access to the old hide at Hornsea Mere but this never had the draw of a Tophill Low permit. For the last few years our out goings exceeded our income and with declining interest and no fresh blood to invigorate the group it eventually was a matter of pulling the plug or waiting for the bank accounts to empty.

The demise now leaves the status of the old hide at Hornsea Mere in limbo. The Wassand Estate who own the hide have been informed and we have previously talked with George Bennet, the Wassand Hide warden, about including access to this hide with the permit for Wassand Hide. For now I would suggest no-one who previously didn’t use the hide use it. It’s possible that the Estate may actually have already come along and put a big padlock on it but I hope to be informed of any developments.

The next issue is what happens to all the social media “sites” in the HVWG name. The website will no doubt have now closed. The blog, twitter account and facebook page were never official group sites and all set up and administered by me. Therefore it’s up to me what to do. I can’t see any point in continuing as though nothing has happened so I’ll not use this site anymore and will now only blog on my other site. I have mostly birded etc at sites with in the defunct recording area so the content will change little, it’ll just mean all my activities will be in one area. One exception will be moths in Cottingham. I’m aware that moths, particularly in one {very large] village, are a specialist topic so if I do blog on this subject it’ll be back on the Cottingham moth blog. Another difference will be I’ll no-longer record all the news and only link to other blogs when they directly link to my personal birding.

The facebook page, never a great success, has now been renamed “Tophill Low NR Visitors Group”.

Finally the twitter account. This is the most difficult one. It has allowed me to bring together all the tweeters I’m aware of who tweet on subjects in the HVWG recording area. As I said above, group or not these remain my main birding etc area and following a smaller number on there than my personal account makes it easier to keep informed. Therefore as long as it has followers I considered keeping the account up and would continue to retweet anything I considered relevant. The only change was I wouldn’t post information from RareBirdAlert etc. I was informed that much of the information on the account was “duff”. I’m more aware of what’s going on in the whole of the recording area than my informant but the need to give validation to say a Honey Buzzard over Tophill Low NR that will never be submitted is a burden I was happy to discard. Unfortunately I lost access to this site since but may regain it one day?


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