The intention of Hull Valley blog is to the promote wildlife interest in the Hull Valley Wildlife Group recording area. The bulk of it will be my observations but I’ll try and include as much other information as I can, including stuff gleaned from the internet and birding information services as well as anything passed on from friends etc. Again with photographs I’ll post my own of course but will also use ones from friends. For more information on the Hull Valley Wildlife group including the recording area click here. Please also forward you own sightings in the area to wildlife@themanor555.fsworld.co.uk.

Also y0u can send info and photos for inclusion in the blog to hullvalleyblog@gmail.com. Also any “non-troll” remarks in Comments welcome.

As of 2013 I will us this blog purely for HVWG area sightings and anything outside the area will be here. Also I now have a separate blog for my moth trapping. I may go a bit off topic if I have something else of interest to write about.

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