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A Ghost emerges in Cottingham

14/6/15 Again Saturday was another slow night moth trapping with only 10 moths of 8 species, although 2 identified late night had gone. This makes the regular checking during the evening a good idea. Apart from Spruce Carpet, with one previous record in October 2013, everything else was had been already recorded this years. DSCN7418

Spruce Carpet

An over friendly Blackbird had obviously learnt the trapping area was a good place to forage, showing the need to try to get up early to beat the “early bird” to the moth. DSCN7417Spent the afternoon checking Little Wold Plantation for Spotted Flycatcher with out success. 15/6/15 Monday had a look round the fields behind KGV Rec,Cottingham. Apart the common Celypha lacunana I found a very distinctive micro new to me. After posting on twitter and facebook was identified as Ptycholoma lecheana, a fairly rare species for the county. DSCN7423

Celypha lacunanaDSCN7432

Ptycholoma lecheana

16/6/15 Tuesday evening checked the fields on corner of New Village road and Dunswell Road. Found a strange creature crawling in the grass. On closer inspection seemed to be a just emerged moth species. Carefully picked it up and carried it home in my camera case.

DSCN7436 On reaching home and it had pumped up to become a female Ghost Moth. DSCN7438

♀.Ghost Moth

20/6/15 Friday night’s moth haul was again small but varied. Brown Silver-line was a new one but I suspect I may have overlooked this species in the pastSmall Magpie was first for 2015.


Small Magpie DSCN7472

Brown Silver-line

Also first for the year was dark Minor species.


Minor agg.

Also 2 Common Marbled Carpets were 1st trapped this year as was Common Carpet.


Common Marbled Carpet


Common Carpet

Had a look round Snuff Mill Lane before the rain set in. Plenty of Timothy Tortrix, Straw Dot as well as couple of Meadow Brown, all refusing to pose for a picture. Best was a male Nemophora degeerella, an attractive long-horn moth, the only one I’ve recorded away from Tophill Low NR. DSCN1279

♀.Nemophora degeerella-Tophill Low NR-24/6/12

Sorry to my regular followers more inclined to birds. Locally not much on the bird front but did a bit of twitching recently. The account is on my other blog for those not already following.


Singing Chiffchaff-Snuff Mill Lane,Cottingham.

For recent bird sighting from Hornsea Mere check here.

For the most recent update of the Tophill Low Blog check here.

For Paull Holme Strays Blog here.


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24-29 September

The Bar-tailed Godwit Roy and I had on Swinemoor on Sunday was found by Stuart North on Friday. Steve Webb had 4 Ruff, 2 Barwits, Dunlin, 250 Lapwing, 25 Wigeon, 15 Teal and 6 Snipe on Tuesday.

The Bittern at Tophill Low NR was photograph again on Wednesday from North Marsh Hide.

Been out little during the week. Went to High Eske NR on Wednesday hoping, with all the eastern migrants on the coast, for Whinchat or Spotted Flycatcher at least but if anything less about than usual and nothing on Leven Carrs. Had a walk with the dog around fields in Cottingham on Friday again hoping for migrants but saw none. Still my long weekend so 3 full days birding with luck.

29/9 Went to Hornsea Mere with Roy and Martin Saturday. Nothing of interest reported there since the Little Gulls left. Help Roy cut back some of the Willows obscuring the view from the hide.

Roy at work. Subsequent shots withheld for ‘elf’ and safetly reasons.

Had quick look at Bewholme, where again there were no waders, then went to Atwick. No sign of any migrants near the church and nothing much over the sea.
Had a look at Swinemoor, where Martin and Roy had seen nothing yesterday but had more luck today with a Ruff and 2 Dunlin with the large Lapwing flock.

30/9 Off to Welton Waters now. Hopefully see something!

Also had the trap out less as I’ve had early starts at work most of the week. Numbers have been low but did have Angle Shades on Tuesday. Had a Grey Dagger caterpillar on Wednesday, originally seen by my brother on Sunday.

Friday night produced the 1st Red-green Carpet for the year.

Saturday produced a 1st with Acleris sparsana.

Also another variety of Common Marbled Carpet.


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Wading back in?

Been pretty quiet at High Eske NR/Leven Carrs since the Spotted Redshank [28/8-1/9]

The only interest being the lingering Hobbies.

However this Friday there was a fresh influx of waders on Leven Carrs scrape with 2 Wood Sands, 2 Green Sands, 3 Greenshank and 30+Snipe as well as 60+Teal. Also early signs of winter at High Eske NR  with 2 Wigeon new in [13 on Watton NR Thursday].

Both Wood Sands were seen by Steve Webb on Saturday morning.

Steve Webb had a Little Egret on Swinemoor Thursday and Friday but I’ve seen nothing there since the Black-tailed Godwit  on 27/8. With Grovehill bridge closed all month will only now visit if things start to hot up. Nothing reported there Sunday.

Went to Tophill Low NR with Roy Sunday afternoon. Despite the level being dropped on South Marsh East the only waders were Greenshank and Redshank, the later amazingly the better bird this autumn. Had 4 female Pintail on Watton. Roy picked out an adult Mediterranean Gull on D res as well as a likely adult MediterraneanXBlack-headed Gull hybrid.

On the moth front numbers and variety decreasing with autumn setting in, with Lesser and Large Yellow Underwings predominating but also a few noteworthy catches including regular Garden Rose Tortrix, which was new one for me on 7/9,

Common Marbled Carpets

and Setaceous Hebrew Character.


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