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17/10/13-Welton Waters

Went to Welton Waters on Thursday morning. Parked in Brough, on Myrtle Way and walked south to back of the airfield. Nice collection of birds feeding in bushes at the end of the footpath including a dozen Goldfinches and three Bullfinches.


Male Bullfinch near BAE airfield-Brough

Only a few Greylag Geese and Curlew on the airfield and only a small area of water viewable over the reed on the marsh with just 2 Mute Swans visible. Again Brough Angling Complex was packed out with c40 Mute Swans and the first returning Goldeneye but Tufted Ducks were down on my last visit. Viewing was better from the flood-bank with the leaves falling from the trees but at the northern end things are getting worst as a earth bank is now obstructing the view. “Watersports” pit had only a small number of Mute Swans. Walked the river bank then up the east side of the pit. Had a calling Marsh Tit and Goldcrest in the north east corner but not much else passerine wise in the area. Walking back with the rising tide had eight Grey Plovers on the mud below the airfield but apart from a large number of Lapwing, a few Curlew, and two Redshank, waders were in short supply.


Grey Plover-Humber foreshore below BAE airfield Brough.

A small flock of Roe Deer were grazing the reeds by the airfield but wandered off as I approached.


Roe Deer-BAE airfield at Brough 

Roe Deer

Still a few Common Darters and Migrant Hawkers today.


Common Darter-Welton Waters

Finished the day at North Cave Wetlands where a Great White Egret had been seen briefly this morning, likely the bird seen this afternoon at Tophill Low NR.

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January 25th

25/1 Went to do Welton Waters with Roy on Friday morning. On the way had 5 Waxwings in Brough on Moor Road.


Waxwings-Moor Road,Brough

Roy dropped my on Myrtle Way and he went to Welton crossings. Walked across Brough airfield. Had 60 Curlew and 37 Lapwing but the marsh was frozen over. Also had c100 Dunlin, Ringed Plover and Redshank on the Humber shore. Met Roy at the back of Brough Angling Complex [strange that the elements of the complex all have bird names but birding isn’t encouraged!] and we quickly picked up the 2 drake Smew amongst a large number of Wigeon, Gadwall, Coot, 10 Shoveler, and female Goldeneye.


Drake Smew-Brough Angling Complex-Welton Waters.

Watersports pit by contrast was near empty with no sign of Red-throated Diver, the second time we’ve dipped one in only a few weeks, and only a few Cormorant, a Little Grebe and 2 Mute Swan.


Common Lane-Welton Waters


Robin-Common La,Welton Waters.

Went round to Brough Haven early afternoon. Had 1062 Pink-footed Geese on a mud bank for a while before they flew south. Also 2 Marsh Harriers, probably a male and a female to the west.

Headed to Tophill Low NR. Initially went via Brantingham Dale but this proved impassable due to snow so went by a less direct route. As we were now short of time I did the south end of the reserve whilst Roy did D reservoir. The marshes and lagoons were still frozen but Watton NR and D reservoir were more open than on Sunday. Redhead Smew had been seen on Watton NR earlier, and 5+ Pintail and Goosander on D reservoir but weren’t around for us but did have a adult Yellow-legged Gull when I joined Roy and Richard Hampshire in D reservoir middle hide at dusk.

Check here for more this week from Tophill Low NR

An Otter had been seen again yesterday at North Marsh on the ice.

Had Little Owl again in Watton on the way out as well as Woodcock.

Kumlien’s Gull still at Barmston this afternoon by the car park. Click here for more on this gull.

Check Dave Tucker’s new blog here.

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Christmas Day at Tophill Low NR.

24/12 12+ Waxwings in Brough on Trent Walk mid Monday morning.

25/12 Went to Tophill Low NR with Roy on Christmas morning. Approaching the entrance the water levels on Watton Carrs seemed to be up since Sunday.


Watton Carrs from Tophill Low NR approach road.DSCN4778

Christmas dinner at Tophill Low NR.

Started in carpark hide and counted 9 Pintails on D reservoir but no sign of the Smew.

Walked south and had c12 Siskin and a Lesser Redpoll by South Lagoon.


Male Siskin by N.Lagoon.

Mr and Mrs Slack had had a Waxwing in South Scrub late morning but it didn’t hang around for us but we did have a Woodcock leaving Watton NR hide. Watton NR and Barmston Drain are now contiguous. Tony McLean had earlier viewed this scene from the public hide. A hard enough trip with out the flood. You’re a better man than me Tony.


Barmston Drain now flowing into Watton NR.

Had a few minutes in North Marsh hide late afternoon but no Otter then joined Martin H for the gull roost. Had adult Med Gull and Lesser Black-backed Gull. Martin also had had Siskin, Lesser Redpoll and Woodcock at the north end as well as failing to see Otter. On Monday he had had an adult and first winter Mediterranean Gull.

With the milder weather and currently day night, got the moth trap out tonight. Hopefully get one back on Andy Nun.

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Otter at Welton Waters

17/12 Waxwing Monday morning in Leconfield by Normandy Barracks. Another in Brough on Trent Walk again.

Roy and Martin L had the Common Scoter and pair of Scaup again on the “watersports pit” at Welton Waters and the bonus of an Otter.

Common Scoter Welton Waters 171212 LeoCommon Scoter-“watersports pit”-Roy Lyon. Otter Welton Waters 171212 Leo

Otter-‘watersports pit”-Roy Lyon.

2 Scaup flight Welton Waters 171212 Leo

Pair of Scaup in flight over “watersports pit”-Roy Lyon.

18/12 3 Waxwings by A1035 at Tickton Tuesday afternoon.

For recent sightings from Hornsea Mere click here.


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Not getting ‘otter.

7/12 16 Waxwings still Trent Walk, Brough on Friday.

8/12 2 Velvet Scoters and 4 Common Scoter at the east end of Hornsea Mere on Saturday.

c30 Waxwings on  Kingston Road, Willerby.

9/12 Went to Tophill Low NR with John on Sunday morning. Checked D reservoir from the car park hide and had 3 Pintail, including 2 drakes. Roy Vincent had again had goods views of Otter on North Marsh c9am. As John has yet to see Otter we gave it a while but only had a distant Kingfisher.


Kingfisher-North Marsh.

On leaving had 3 Lesser Redpoll and a Treecreeper but found out later we had missed  Otter again by a few minutes. Did the south end this afternoon. Had 4  Siskin by North Lagoon.


Siskin by North Lagoon.

As with D reservoir wildfowl numbers were now up to usual winter numbers on O reservoir and Watton NR but no increase yet in quality. Had 30 Curlew on Watton NR which had increased to 68 later {Pete Drury}. Did the gull roost with Martin H and had an adult Yellow-legged Gull. Martin had had a Caspian Gull on Friday [here] and 1st winter Med Gull on Saturday. Also check Martin account of the weekend here. Particularly of interest for fungi fan. Check the Tophill Blog for more on the last week, including an account of the recently accepted 1st Tophill Caspian Gull.

The day started warmer than of late, with no over night frost, but a northerly wind set in early dropping the temperature but clearing the cloud. This wind is forecast to continue for a few days bringing much colder temperatures but now forecast to bring a only a small amount of snow. Warmer wetter weather is expected later in the week.

10 Waxwings again in Nafferton by Nethergate level crossing this afternoon.

The blog now has it’s own email account hullvalleyblog@gmail.com. Please use this to send in any wildlife news for the Hull Valley recording area for inclusion here. Also any photographs will be welcome.

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Had mixed feelings Thursday morning. Day off so wouldn’t be walking the icy streets in sub-zero temperatures but still would be have go out birding at some point.

Went to Paull with Martin L and Roy late morning. However on reaching the ‘fisherman’s” car-park decided it was too bleak to be out so headed for the “comfort” of the Hornsea Mere hide. We didn’t sees Tuesday’s scoters nor did Martin or Roy yesterday. However they were still in on the mere in an area not viewable from the hide.

Went to Tophill Low NR this afternoon. Away from the main routes the roads were very treacherous and it was a sign of their dedication that the volunteers had made it in.


Tophill Low NR warden and volunteers “working hard” in South Scrub.


Drake Goldeneye D res.

Had 8 Siskin in tree tops in the car-park.

Headed south. Still hundreds of Redwing and Fieldfare particularly in South Scrub. No sign yet of any Smew on Watton NR but had a nice pair of Pintail.


Drake Pintail Watton NR


Birders in the snow

16 Waxwings in Brough at Trent Walk this afternoon.

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