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17/10/13-Welton Waters

Went to Welton Waters on Thursday morning. Parked in Brough, on Myrtle Way and walked south to back of the airfield. Nice collection of birds feeding in bushes at the end of the footpath including a dozen Goldfinches and three Bullfinches.


Male Bullfinch near BAE airfield-Brough

Only a few Greylag Geese and Curlew on the airfield and only a small area of water viewable over the reed on the marsh with just 2 Mute Swans visible. Again Brough Angling Complex was packed out with c40 Mute Swans and the first returning Goldeneye but Tufted Ducks were down on my last visit. Viewing was better from the flood-bank with the leaves falling from the trees but at the northern end things are getting worst as a earth bank is now obstructing the view. “Watersports” pit had only a small number of Mute Swans. Walked the river bank then up the east side of the pit. Had a calling Marsh Tit and Goldcrest in the north east corner but not much else passerine wise in the area. Walking back with the rising tide had eight Grey Plovers on the mud below the airfield but apart from a large number of Lapwing, a few Curlew, and two Redshank, waders were in short supply.


Grey Plover-Humber foreshore below BAE airfield Brough.

A small flock of Roe Deer were grazing the reeds by the airfield but wandered off as I approached.


Roe Deer-BAE airfield at Brough 

Roe Deer

Still a few Common Darters and Migrant Hawkers today.


Common Darter-Welton Waters

Finished the day at North Cave Wetlands where a Great White Egret had been seen briefly this morning, likely the bird seen this afternoon at Tophill Low NR.

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Smew! Getting ‘otter!

14/2 After yesterday’s cold and snow the start of a milder period on Thursday was welcome. Thus with the longer days and a lighter week at work it gave me the chance to get out on the bike for the first time this year. Decided to do Welton Waters to check for the 2 drake Smew as I hadn’t had any news since Eric Clubley’s visit nearly 2 weeks back. I’ll not bore my regular viewers but anyone interested in the rigmaroles of getting out on a bike after a winter lay up can check here. Anyway probably due to the milder weather than Boxing day it wasn’t as bad [also suspect overdid the layers!].

Started at Myrtle Way in Brough so I could walked across the airfield. 100+ Curlew there as well as similar number of Lapwing there and later seen with a good number of Golden Plover behind the pit at Welton Waters. However only a Coot was visible on the marsh. Walking along the flood bank saw a mass of ducks flying from Brough Angling Complex [BAC]. Fortunately they landed on on the river and I was able to count c400 Wigeon, c50 Gadwall and 12 Goldeneye but no Smew among them. The disturbance was likely due to noise from the the machinery excavating the new pit to the north. Still a good number of duck on BAC and with birds quickly returning found it difficult to get a better count however was able to add drake  Smew, Coot and Tufted Duck to the list. Also had a drake Smew on watersports pit but this fly over Common Lane a few minutes later towards BAC where I could again only find one.


watersports pit-Welton Waters-Ralph Dawson

Walked to the back of the pits to check for anything hiding in the north west section of watersports pit. Common Lane at the north end of BAC was a mess due to the excavation machinery.

fungi-11 copyfungus-Welton Waters-Ralph Dawson


Cormorant-Welton Waters-Ralph Dawson

Walking back south had another quick look at the main section of watersports pit and had a very close Otter, unfortunately I’d forgotten my camera! Had another good look at BAC from the riverbank and finally got 2 drake Smew. Success! Had timed it so as to be back at the airfield for dusk but again no Short-eared Owls.

Black-necked Grebe again at Hornsea Mere off Swan Island.

Click here for an update from Tophill Low NR.

15/2 Friday morning the Bittern was again in the north east corner of Hornsea Mere from Kirkholme Point. Acting on this information Roy and Martin L had it this afternoon, a tick for Martin. Water Rails were still showing by the gate.


Greater Bittern-Hornsea Mere-M.Lonsdale.

Kumlien’s Gull again on Barmston beach this morning as well as 6 Snow Buntings.

If you come across any wintering Chiffchaffs this article is worth a read.

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19/12 David Bibby had the Otter again at Welton Waters on Wednesday.

20/12 Told by Geoff Dobbs that,  just outside the Hull Valley recording area, a Great Grey Shrike has been present for c6 weeks just south of Market Weighton. Was seen on Monday.

21/12 On Friday Roy and Martin L had 4 Common Scoters circling Welton Waters then flying to the Humber and the dog Otter again on “watersports pit”.

5 Waxwings flew over Railway Road in Beverley at midday and 5 again on Trent Walk in Brough.

Check the Tophill blog for more on flooding as well as the latest bird [and mammal sightings].

22/12 Mike Coverdale had a few Bewick Swans again on  Saturday on Arram Carrs as well as plenty of other wildfowl including several Pintail.

For today’s Tophill Low NR news including updates on flooding click here.

23/12 Went to Welton Waters with Roy and Martin L on Sunday morning. Met John by “watersports pit”. He had just had distant views of Otter, as well as the female Common Scoter. However both disappeared due to a windsurfer. Had a drake Smew on Brough Angling Complex, seen earlier by friends.

Smew drake Welton Waters 231212 Leo

Drake Smew-Brough Angling Complex-Roy Lyon.

Could be the Smew seen at Far Ings as does come across although in the past has been later in the winter. Check Steve’s blog re-Smew at Far Ings. On the way out had a few Waxwings over near the A63 junction, likely the 6 seen earlier on Trent Walk in Brough. Couldn’t relocate them.

Went to Tophill Low NR this afternoon. Only did D reservoir but still had 2 redhead Goosander and 8 Pintail.

Pintail over D reservoir.


Goosander on D reservoir.

Also redhead Smew came in with Goldeneye [earlier on O reservoir], an immature male Marsh Harrier flew south and Martin H found a first winter Mediterranean Gull.

Andy Nun had Lesser Redpoll and Bullfinch in D woods and a Little Egret on North Marsh then Hempholme Meadows. Also Otter was seen again this morning on North Marsh. Check the Tophill Blog and Martin’s blog for more news this weekend. See I missed Waxwing again,

Barmston Drain has over topped just south of the entrance bridge and flooded Watton Carrs. With more rain forecast this week the chance of the reserve becoming inaccessible can’t  be ruled out.

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