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Hoopoe in Beverley

Very bad day at works and still out on delivery late afternoon. Had had a text alert but didn’t get round to reading it until I got home. Was from Geoff Dobbs “Hoopoe in Beverley now. Call for details if required”. However the directions followed shortly to The Old Barn at Molescroft Carr farm, along with confirmation from Stu Griffith. Fortunately I was familiar with the site as I used to to work Molescroft/Leconfield Carr. Unfortunately,although I was expecting a call, my bike was off the road. Texted Roy but he was busy. Fortunately not long after Extremotos rang to say the bike was ready. Then it was just a matter of grabbing something to eat, drinking enough coffee to combat extreme exhaustion then walking to Extremotos via the cash point. The final stage was a near disaster when the cash point refused my card. Then literally throw myself through the door of Lloyds as they were about to closed. Good thing I was carrying my helmet and not wearing it or they’d have pressed the bandit alarm. Following a few security questions they handed over the required cash and was on the road within fifteens minutes. At The Old Barn the Hoopoe was showing well at close range on the lawn.


A few birders there mostly familiar faces, but not a crowd yet. Fired off several shots then it flew onto a fence where it sat for a few minutes before dropping behind it.


Couldn’t be seen the other side of the wall from an upstairs window so after giving it a few minutes went to have a look for it from the adjacent track. There was limited viewing of the adjacent paddock but no sign. However on my the return it was back on the lawn.




“Crowd” shot including Steve on the the left.

A few more birders were arriving but still not  a crowd when I left.


Couldn’t resist taking a shot of these ceramic pigs

Directions:- Birders are welcome after 8am by which time news should be out. From the A1035, Grange Way [the northern Beverley bypass] turn onto Ings Road, signed to the picnic area. You’ll pass a small parking area that my be useful if the visitor parking at The Old Barn, Molescroft farm is full. You’ll shortly pass a pill box. Take the fork to the right and shortly turn into The Old Barn. Park up and the Hoopoe should be on the lawn over the fence. Please don’t go beyond this area and if you leave the site keep to public rights of way.

3+ Turtle Doves currently in bushes on the eastern side of Leconfield DST. However they are very elusive and best seen early morning in still conditions. This area can be viewed by back tracking to the pill box and taking the track due north to Leconfield Low Parks then continuing north along the railway track. Again don’t leave the footpath particularly at the a MOD site.



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Getting cold again!

24/4 Went to Tophill Low NR on Wednesday afternoon. The intention was to check out the Blue-headed Wagtails seen over the weekend so after confirming the Ring-necked Duck was still on D reservoir [before departing to Hornsea Mere for a short break] headed north up the straight road but only had a single Yellow Wagtail.


Drake Ring-necked Duck-Tophill Low NR-M.Lonsdale.

After checking Hempholme Meadows walked back through D woods. Had a Lesser Redpoll at the north end. Then headed straight for Watton NR before the light got too flaring. Had a Little Ringed Plover, probably the 1st sighting for a while. Then did South Marsh West. The Cetti’s Warbler was again singing close to “back to back’ hide. Even saw in a bush close to the hide but repeatedly failed to locate it in the view finder, did the same on Saturday. On the now almost drain South East I found 2 White Wagtails as well as 2 Redshank. In fact so dry now there was a excavator out on it!

For more from the reserve check here.

25/4 Ring-necked Duck relocated on Hornsea Mere on Thursday morning.

Roy and Martin had the 2 redhead Goosander and 5 Pink-footed Geese at High Eske NR.

I birded outside the “valley”.

For recent wildlife sightings in the Beverley area check here

27/4 Had the trap out over night on Friday. Only a Early Grey.


Early Grey

Went to Hornsea Mere with Roy on Saturday afternoon. Had the pair of Red-crested Pochard and mixed pair again from the hide.


Pair of Red-crested Pochard-Hornsea Mere 

Roy picked up the pair of Black-necked Grebes, 1st reported a week ago, but close to the south side. Also despite numbers down eslewhere we had 88 Goldeneye.  Also Common Sandpiper on Swan Island. However no sign of the Ring-necked Duck seen again yesterday, Round at Kirkholme Point there was a very mobile flock of wagtails including a Channel-type. Also a male Wheatear

Went to Atwick to do a sea watch but couldn’t get out of the wind so moved to Ulrome where we got a shelter between the caravans. Got my 1st Sandwich Tern as well as a few Kittiwake, Gannet and Red-throated Divers and Guillemot.

Checked Bewholme Hall where had a Little Ringed Plover and pair of Oystercatcher.

Finished at Swinemoor. Still plenty of duck but only waders were 2 Little Ringed Plovers and 2 Redshank. For more recently from here check here and here.

For the 1st damselfly at Tophill Low NR check here.

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Late February summary.

20/2 Great Northern Diver, Black-necked Grebe and Bittern still at Hornsea Mere on Wednesday morning. More recent news from the mere here.

I heard and saw well a Green Woodpecker in Cottingham over fields off Dunswell. Also heard one behind KGV Rec.

The Drake Ring-necked Duck moved to Leconfield, seen at Normandy Barracks late afternoon.

21/2 Stuart Griffiths found 5 Waxwings in Beverley on Queensgate on Thursday morning.

No sign of the Ring-necked Duck at Normandy Barracks, Leconfield today.

Juvenile Glaucous Gull on private land northeast of Brandesburton.

Some interesting sightings from within the Hull boundary by Robert Jacques.

Recent news from Tophill Low NR here.

22/2 Black-necked Grebe and Great Northern Diver still at Hornsea Mere on Friday afternoon with the Bittern still off Kirkholme point.

Rough-legged Buzzard reported in a tree by the A165 at Long Riston early afternoon.

23/2 Martin L and Roy at Paull Holme Strays on Friday had 24 Ringed Plover, 72 Knot, 380 Bar-tailed Godwit, 36 Grey Plover, 1000 Golden Plover, 900 Dunlin, 900 Lapwing, 300 Wigeon, 80 Teal, 50 Mallard and 60 Greylag Geese.

Paull Holme Lighthouses 230213 Leo

Paull lighthouses-R.Lyon

Grey Plov Paull Holme Sand 230213

Grey Plover-Paull Holme Strays-R.Lyon

Last 2 days at Hornsea Mere here.

24/2 Great Northern Diver, Black-necked Grebe and Bittern still at Hornsea Mere on Sunday afternoon.

11 Waxwings again in Beverley on Queensgate opposite Butt Lane.

One Drake Smew still at Welton Waters on Brough Angling Complex.

Had a male Merlin over fields off Priory Road, Cottingham this afternoon.

For more recent news from Tophill Low NR check here.

25/2 Black-necked Grebe and Great Northern Diver still Hornsea Mere early Monday morning.

Juvenile Kumlien’s Gull still on Barmston beach this morning.

Sorry this is a bit sparse. Not done anything other than going out on foot recently and  seen nothing worth photographing.

Off to Spain on Wednesday morning for a few days. Try and write something on my other blog when I get back.

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More Waxwings in Cottingham.

6/2 Tuesday morning riding out to my delivery in Cottingham ran into John Brattan on Finkle Street photographing the Waxwings, back again on berries and aerials opposite New Finkle Court. Only counted c25 but Jon Harvey counted 70 during the morning. Riding back at lunchtime saw none but a few minutes later saw a good flock flying in the right direction over Royal Mail SO car park. Also 70 seen at the traditional site on Canongate/Northgate corner [opposite Dave Tucker’s old house]. Unfortunately had a bad day at work and couldn’t get out until late afternoon and didn’t see any at either site. The 2 sites are a fair distance apart but looks like it just one very mobile flock.

Click here for recent news from Hornsea Mere.

Click here for today at Tophill Low NR.

Click here recent news from Kelk area.

7/2 c70 Waxwings again in Cottingham on the corner of Canongate/Northgate this morning. Also 13 Waxwings in Beverley on Mill Lane by Old Flames shop early afternoon and 3 in Brigham in garden by the swing bridge.

Another bad day at work but due to the better weather managed to get out late afternoon. No sign of the Waxwings on Canongate so continued to Oppy Wood. Very wet and I wasn’t wearing the right footwear so struggled to have a good look around. However had frustrating views of a Siskin in a flock of Goldfinch and Holly flushed at Woodcock. Walking back the full 70 Waxwings were on on roof of 2 Canongate but only managed to fire off 2 shots before they flew towards Queens Way.


Waxwings-Canongate, Cottingham

Still had time for a quick look round KGV rec where I had a Treecreeper and Coal Tit.


Song Thrush-Millbeck Wildlife area, Cottingham

Ring-necked Duck still at Tophill Low NR.

Kumlien’s Gull still on the beach at Barmston.

Bittern and Water Rail seen at Hornsea Mere today.

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