Bronze Monkeys.

23/3 For Saturday at Tophill Low NR check here.

24/3 2 adult Little Gulls at Hornsea Mere on Sunday.

25/3 Little Gull again at Hornsea Mere on Monday morning.

Kumlien’s Gull still at Barmston this afternoon. Also 2+ Adult Little Gulls and 3 Jack Snipes in the reedbed north of the car park.

26/3 Headed for Barmston with Martin L and Roy on Tuesday morning following the report of a Black Redstart around the caravans. Had a walk then a drive around but only came up with 2 Robins, 9 Blackbirds and a Song Thrush. Weather still arctic so wimped out on the other birds in the area and went to Tophill Low NR. The 3 Goosander were still on D reservoir.


Kestrel on D reservoir wall. 

Walked south for little gain except for 23 Curlews commuting between Watton NR and Carrs. When will we hear warblers or see Little Ringed Plover and Sand Martin? Had another look at D reservoir from middle hide and had closer views of 2 of the Goosander.


Drake Goosander-Tophill Low NR.

Ended the day confirming that the Ring-necked Duck was still on the fishing pond at New Arram. Still with c100 Tufted Duck and added Pochard and Greylag Goose to my site list.


Ring-necked Duck-New Arram. 

Richard Jennings tells me that there have been 23 Pink-footed Geese in recent days in fields on the other side of the river from High Eske NR.

For recent new from the Kelk area check here.


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2 responses to “Bronze Monkeys.

  1. Ken

    Bad luck with the Black Red. I hear from James that it was fleeting.
    Congratulations on getting your RnD pic on the RBA weekly round-up

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