Waxwings in Cottingham

5/2 Riding back from work in Cottingham on Tuesday at lunchtime had 8 Waxwings feeding on berries on Finkle Street. After having something to eat and getting my breath back headed back with my camera on my cycle despite sleet now falling. Now a large number all sat on aerials opposite New Finkle Court. Fire off few shots, trying get them all in so I could count them later, then they “exploded”




Had a quick look around but not many other obvious sites nearby and the weather wasn’t conducive to hanging around so gave up. From the photos there were at least 60 birds. May go out again to show the dog if it does get better! Will be passing that way a couple of times again tomorrow.

The Ring-necked Duck at Tophill Low NR on D reservoir all day also drake Scaup, Scaup hybrids and Pintail.  2 Woodcocks from the wildlife centre. Click here for more from the NR including pictures of the Scaup-hybrids.


Ring-necked Duck-Tophill Low NR-R.Lyon.

Nearby 8 Bewick’s Swan, presumably the Arram Carrs birds, at Wilfholme at the far end of Wilfholme Road with Mute Swans. Also Green Sandpiper.

Roy did Paull Holme Strays/Sands at high tide and had:- 740 Bar-tailed Godwit, one of which in full breeding plumage, 12 Ringed Plover, 166 Grey Plover, 1230 Dunlin. 99 Shelduck, 5 Curlew, two distant Buzzard, 2 Little Egret, 2000 Golden Plover, 97 Lapwing and a Knot.



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8 responses to “Waxwings in Cottingham

  1. I saw a minimum of 3 yesterday on the outskirts of Skidby (by Little Weighton Rd) yesterday, but couldn’t stop. Great that they are still about in good numbers. I hope you have better weather tomorrow!

  2. I forgot to mention, while I was driving past, I noticed the cotoneaster in Cottingham Northgate still has berries, maybe they will still pop in there

  3. JonHarvey

    approx. 70 in same location on finkle street this morning

  4. Jon Harvey

    I suspect they are the same birds. While watching them on finkle street I saw them fly up out of the trees and split into two flocks. Friend said he spotted about 40 on the tree full of berries on northgate, near the petrol station.

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