Cottingham and Willerby

18/1 Took a walk on “the carrs” late Friday morning. Starting from my home in Cottingham I go up Priory Road, checking the paddocks, then down Wood Lane to Wold Road, Hull. Depending on time and inclination I’ll spend some time on Springhead GC. Usually I look round the scrubby area at the north end but sometime may venture further. Finally I walk back along the footpath back to Abbots Walk in Cottingham, passing the site of Haltemprice Priory.

To be honest in this weather I’d see more looking in the garden. I had a good number of Fieldfare over Priory Road but otherwise few birds except in Springhead GC where it abuts private gardens.


“That looks like fun Holly”-Springhead GC

However the lack of birds was somewhat made up for by great views of Roe deer with one in Springhead GC, a very approachable 5 on farmland behind and a pair with a large fawn nearer Cottingham.



Roe deer-Willerby

Before the recent cold winters Stonechat would winter at Haltemprice farm. Also a Little Owl has been regular on the buildings and both Barn and Short-eared Owl have been seen in past years.

Check here for sightings from Figham Common, Beverley.

Check here for today at Tophill Low NR.

19/1 Went for a walk on my other Cottingham “patch” Saturday afternoon. This centres on KGV Rec including Millbeck Wildlife area and the fields between Park Lane and Dunswell Road.


Millhouse Woods Lane pumping station-Cottingham

It can also include the rough fields on the corner of Dunswell Road/New Village Road and the Woodland Trust reserve “Oppy Wood”, which I previously called Millennium Wood. At this time of year usually go via Canongate to check for Waxwings.

Had good tit flock in St.Mary’s churchyard including a Goldcrest. 3 Tree Sparrows in KGV Rec were not a regular sighting.

Paul Martin had male Hen Harrier, Woodcock and 2 Goosander at Paull. For more from Paull [and Paul] click here.

The Iceland/Kumlien’s Gull was again at Barmston late morning. Click here for further discussion on it’s ID. My only is comment is that nobody mentions taxonomy?

Drake Smew still at Welton Waters on Brough Angling Complex this afternoon.

Click here for more recent HVWG sightings.



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4 responses to “Cottingham and Willerby

  1. Ken

    Love the pic of Holly in the snow. What fun.

    As for the Gull, well it’s a gull of the Icelandic variety. OMG has been trying to convince himself of something that isn’t there

  2. Mandy

    Great picture of the deer!

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