Cottingham and Arram Carrs

15/1 Click here for Tuesday at Barmston.

Had a walk round Cottingham KGV rec this morning but was defeated by heavy snow.


Treecreeper-KGV Rec-Cottingham


Millbeck Wildlife area-Cottingham

Ricky Fisher called round early afternoon to tell me about up to 8 Waxwings that had been on Murray Crescent Cottingham in recent days. Drove me there but no sign.

Had a cycle round the area, and some other sites nearby I’ve seen Waxwings over the years, mid afternoon but no sign.

Waxwings also reported in Pearson Park, Hull.

16/1 Iceland Gull again at Barmston early Wednesday morning, now being reported as a Kumlien’s. Unfortunately I’ve only seen this bird in thick fog so can’t say too much about it in the field but even before Martin Garner had ‘thrown the cat among the pigeons’ I had thought in some of the photos I’ve seen it did seem more heavily marked than a typical glaucoides. However it’s not as dark as I remember the 2000 Whitby bird to be and that wasn’t accepted. There is a “scoring” system for Kumlien’s/Iceland Gulls which should be available on the internet. However I’m not going to get too deep into this as I’m  sure there are plenty others happy to pontificate on the subject. In the end Kumlien’s Gull is currently considered [by many?] as a highly variable hybrid between Iceland and Thayer’s Gull so it probably isn’t worth stressing over it too much?!

Went to Aike with Roy this afternoon to view Arram Carrs from a different angle.


fields west of Aike village

Only a short walk from the village to the water so worth a future visit although still everything is distant.  The water was totally frozen but there were still a few swans, with initially 2 adult Bewick’s and an adult Whooper,  joined later by 4 more Whoopers, including 2 juveniles, which flew in from the the north.


Family party of Whooper Swans-Arram Carrs


Bewick’s Swans-Arram Carrs.

Only a few Mutes. Also still a few hundred Lapwing with a few tens of Golden Plovers. On the way out 2 Little Egrets flew from the roadside ditch.

If you wonder where the other Bewick’s have got to check the Tophill Blog.



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2 responses to “Cottingham and Arram Carrs

  1. Ken

    Very nice Treecrippler

  2. Thanks Ken. One of those lucky shots.

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