2012 in 12 pictures

Cattle Egret Hempholme 110112 HVWG

The bird of the year by interest if not quality [that would be the Gull-billed Tern] was this Cattle Egret found at Hempholme by a resident in late December when it was checked out by Roy only for it then to disappear before reappearing in January. We were asked to keep it quiet but the nerve went in on 13/1, the day we managed to see it distantly from Tophill Low NR, and the news was put out only for it to appear on the reserve the following day where it was seen on and off the rest of the month.IMG_1978It snowed early February as witnessed by this “Snowy Egret” at Tophill Low NR. This fake heron adding to the Cattle Egret, Great White Egret, Little Egret, Grey Heron and Bittern seen by on the reserve in the first 2 months. Unfortunately no more species were added this year.


Although not the best [by far] picture of an Otter this year this one seen at High Eske NR on 1/3 was my first live sighting at High Eske NR. Unfortunately only had a compact camera at the time. Yet to get a better picture but maybe in 2013.


Although almost annual at Tophill Low NR only managed to catch up with Avocet this year. After twitching one on 6/3 they then returned in number and attempted to breed for the first time with one pair managing to hatch young but none survived probably due to poor parenting and the rising water level.


First winter Little Gull at Tophill Low NR on South Marsh East. This bird on 10/5 was the first of many this year.DSCN0347

Roy and Richard listening for Corncrake along Scurf Dyke. Found by Michael Flowers’ “class” on 1/6, this bird was new for the Hull Valley list but never made it onto the Tophill Low NR list.


I got one shot of a moth at High Eske NR on 9/7. Eventually identified as Loxostege sticticalis,  a rare migrant. My best find of the year.


This Angle Shades from August may not be the rarest catch but still one of the nicest moths of the year.


The arrival of waders on the newly created Leven Carrs scrape added some excitement to what had been a poor wader passage. This Spotted Redshank in September was the best find.


Alright it’s c400 miles from the Hull Valley area but this Paddyfield Warbler at Church Cove, Lizard, Cornwall was a much wanted tick in October.


The highlight of November was the arrival in force of Waxwings. These were taken, where many connected, at Hull Asda.


December’s photograph has to be a flooded Watton NR on Christmas day. Lot of water around at the moment!


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2 responses to “2012 in 12 pictures

  1. An interesting summary of your birding year Erich and here’s hoping for some great birding in 2013 🙂

  2. Great summary Erich. Still annoyed that the only day I went to Top Hill in January was the only day the Egret didn’t appear on site!

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