24-29 September

The Bar-tailed Godwit Roy and I had on Swinemoor on Sunday was found by Stuart North on Friday. Steve Webb had 4 Ruff, 2 Barwits, Dunlin, 250 Lapwing, 25 Wigeon, 15 Teal and 6 Snipe on Tuesday.

The Bittern at Tophill Low NR was photograph again on Wednesday from North Marsh Hide.

Been out little during the week. Went to High Eske NR on Wednesday hoping, with all the eastern migrants on the coast, for Whinchat or Spotted Flycatcher at least but if anything less about than usual and nothing on Leven Carrs. Had a walk with the dog around fields in Cottingham on Friday again hoping for migrants but saw none. Still my long weekend so 3 full days birding with luck.

29/9 Went to Hornsea Mere with Roy and Martin Saturday. Nothing of interest reported there since the Little Gulls left. Help Roy cut back some of the Willows obscuring the view from the hide.

Roy at work. Subsequent shots withheld for ‘elf’ and safetly reasons.

Had quick look at Bewholme, where again there were no waders, then went to Atwick. No sign of any migrants near the church and nothing much over the sea.
Had a look at Swinemoor, where Martin and Roy had seen nothing yesterday but had more luck today with a Ruff and 2 Dunlin with the large Lapwing flock.

30/9 Off to Welton Waters now. Hopefully see something!

Also had the trap out less as I’ve had early starts at work most of the week. Numbers have been low but did have Angle Shades on Tuesday. Had a Grey Dagger caterpillar on Wednesday, originally seen by my brother on Sunday.

Friday night produced the 1st Red-green Carpet for the year.

Saturday produced a 1st with Acleris sparsana.

Also another variety of Common Marbled Carpet.



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2 responses to “24-29 September

  1. That Grey Dagger cat looks like an awesome beast

    • Many of the moth caterpillars are pretty spectacular. Forgot to mention that Grey Dagger is difficult to split as a moth from Dark Dagger. Having trapped one earlier this year can probably say it was Grey Dagger now.


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