Calm after the storm?

Been too busy to blog recently. Had hoped to catch up on a “rainy day” but now think it’s best to to skip a couple of weeks [but means I’ve got several useless photos!] but may reference back in future postings.

25/8/12 Dashed off to Tophill Low NR with Roy for a Gull-billed Tern on D res but had flown north c20 mins before we arrived and although the 3 adult Little Gulls and Common Tern returned it didn’t. More info including photos here

Two Spotted Redshanks on South Marsh East, with one on site on and off most of the week although had missed it on Thursday.

26/8/12 Again to Tophill Low NR with Roy. Spent a while checking D res with John, among others, in the vain hope of the Gull-billed Tern. Had 2 Little Gull, an adult and a juvenile and a cream-crown Marsh Harrier. Looked around the south end this afternoon. Two Greenshank again on South Marsh East but no Spotted Redshank. Also 3 Pintail new in and the Egyptian Goose, back from it’s tour of the the valley.

Had a few of these caterpillars in South Scrub. Also this pair of Common Darter.

Had another look for the tern with Martin this afternoon but only had another sighting of Marsh Harrier.


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2 responses to “Calm after the storm?

  1. The G-bt would have been a goody and some.Liking your blog. Keep it up. Any clue as to the caterpillars?

  2. The caterpillars are some kind of Pug, probably Common Pug.

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