Where have all the waders gone?

6/8 Went to High Eske NR Monday afternoon. Been threatening to rain and just my luck started as I was riding through Beverley, however the weather remained perfect during my walk around the reserve. Water level still high and if anything up so little hope of waders. Again a few Common Terns over the lake [difficult to say how many in the area with parties of up to 5 seen recently including pairs with 1 and 2 juveniles as well as unaccompanied adults.]

Still good numbers of Meadow Browns but few other butterflies seen. Had my 1st Udea lutealis  for the site as well as several Shaded Broad-bars in the long grass. Very few dragonflies this week. maybe due to the timings of my visit with only a few Common Blue Damselflies and on Thursday a Brown Hawker.

Did a full circuit of the lake and then headed up to Leven Canal to check for raptors. A shallow pool has recently been created on Leven Carrs. Looked to have potential but previously had only held Grey Heron and Mallard. However this evening even in the distance could see many waders. Getting closer, but making sure to keep behind the flood bank to avoid disturbance, picked out  a Wood Sandpiper, 7 Greenshank, 3 Ruff, 7 Green Sandpiper and 17 Snipe. At last waders!

However then had to rush back due recent problem with leaving High Eske Farm after 7pm.

Thought I’d better check Swinemoor but again [and up to Thursday evening at least] no waders there.

7/8 Tuesday morning Steve Webb, just back from a family holiday, rang me about my new “secret scrape”. Steve checked the site late morning and had pretty much the same as yesterday.

With rain again threatening and the site already covered thought I’d visit Tophill Low NR in the afternoon. Wader wise an improvement on Sunday with 2 Green Sandpiper and 3+ Snipe on South Marsh East and 2 Common Sandpipers circuiting Watton NR.

8/8 Although Steve had been up in the morning and had most of the waders except the Wood Sandpiper still decided to go up to High Eske again. Late start due to pressure of work so had to rush up to Leven Carrs. On site met up to fellow blogger Stuart {Oscillates Wildly]. Little wader action probably due to 3 Grey Herons flying low over. 5 Greenshanks tried to return but didn’t settle probably due to us being too close. On the way back south heard but didn’t locate a raptor. Running short of time so only managed a quick look at High Eske NR but did managed several Kingfisher which although only seen in flight were still a year tick for Stuart.

9/8 Up to High Eske again Thursday afternoon. On the scrape only had 2 Greenshank although a Green Sandpiper lingering by High Eske NR.

Walking up disturbed one of the largest Grass Snakes l’ve ever seen and both heard and saw the raptor from yesterday, a Hobby.


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  1. Nice summary. I didn’t see much else after leaving High Eske. Although I spoke to a couple walking who had seen a barn owl hunting in the fields.

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